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Our innovative rock paper products are acid free, barrier, tear and water-resistant. Cradle to Cradle certified. No water, trees or bleach are used. See why we’re already a favourite among artists and crafters worldwide.  

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Heart Stone Paper is devoted to eco common sense, adventure and play. We design and produce Cradle to Cradle Certified multimedia stone paper, TerraSkin rock paper journals and sketchpads in Montreal, Canada.

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  • I absolutely love its uniqueness!

    - Marjorie Teske "teacher with books" - Amazon | Read Review

  • If you are a “detail” painter or illustrator, you will LOVE this surface!

    - G. Conner - Amazon | Read Review

  • This paper is amazing! Its smoothness is like pen or tracing papers, but more substantial. I plan to use it for markers, colored pencil, and acrylic. Amazing that rock can be transformed into paper in a green fashion!

    - Susan DeMamiel - Etsy | Read Review

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