About Heart Stone Paper™

We’re about being open to new creative experiences, trying out new processes, and rolling with the results.  Not only are we curious, but we’re also problem solvers. We have designed rock paper waterproof durable sketchpads and journals that can handle the adventure as you seek your inspiration.

Our journey has been one of unexpected solutions and new pathways. What if paper boats could float? What if paper stencils could be reused time and time again? What if the pull tab from your soda could become your newest writing tool?

Our rock paper is built to accept most mediums, is super tough, and will never give you a paper cut. Third party Cradle to Cradle certification is a good indication of our paper’s eco friendliness in reducing the consumption of trees and water and the use of bleach (none of these are required to make our stone TerraSkin™). We are not proposing replacing fiber-based paper, we’re just offering an innovative alternative.

Bring a fresh eye to your next artistic endeavor. Hit the reset button on the notion of what paper can do. Whether you’re sketching, crafting or constructing, you are part of the discovery process. So experience the freedom to see in the moment.

Our offices are located near the Monkland Village in Montreal, QC ~ where daily we enjoy beesness… we take care of 2 sweet honey bee hives under the guidance of master organic beekeeper Alain Pericard.

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