DIY Stone Paper Wedding Party Decor – rock paper leaves

 Natural World inspired Paper wedding Party – Stone leaves !dyi-wedding-decor-stone-paper-stonepaper-guests-2

Bri and the teams she inspires are incredibly creative. Being of the imaginative genre DIY ideas flourished, a richly supplied well used craft table was offered all night,a fresh photoscape that included her and her beau Dale so they could always be available for snaps with their guests, gilded oh so touchable stones and photos of their outdoor wedding on the tables…They also used our custom designed rock paper to transport guests to another realm .


Some distinct advantages to Heart stone paper  decor ideas include:


The plan?

Bri was inspired by 19th century biologist Ernst Haeckel’s observations and drawings in  Art Forms in Nature  (his response to Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.)

So fearlessly she set out to transform a local friendly community center into a landing spot to welcome friends and family to celebrate their new life together.

Here was the starting point – in a well loved neighborhood community center.



et Voila! Below is how her ideas played out.





Cutting out the paper? No problem a wonderful friend opened her studio and family joined in cutting reams and reams of leaves !



Then the day of – the assembly team showed up and in a few short hours …





More DIY wedding decor and paper inspiration from this paper soiree!





What do you need? Any occasion to get together! PLUS

1.12 pt (light cover stock) Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™

2.tape: regular and duct tape single

3. sharp scissors

4 ribbon and stapler

Cut your shapes , no paper cuts to worry about with our stone paper. The leaves were simply stapled to long ribbons and hung as garlands with duct tape. Then that duct tape was covered with another leaf and 2 sided tape..

Let me know what you are doing for your paper decor ideas!


Stone Paper + Kevin Jenne = Desire Paths + Art

Meet Kevin Jenne. A multi media artist on TerraSkin who takes seriously do something everyday that scares you ...and kinda revels in it.

About Kevin Jenne

I grew up in the Eastern Townships, QC in a small community called East Farnham, time spent in nature was a given. As an artist I am largely self taught – of course after credit is given to my artist mother who gave me me a great start in understanding  painting, drawing and even tapestries.That whole idea of bright colours on black from those tapestries has really lasted with me. When I was drawing, painting or making comic books as kid life just felt right. Eventually I headed to Montreal and Toronto met David Drum who opened my eyes at the myriad of different ways to offer art and make an life as an artist. Returning to Montreal I rented the top floor of the old Atwater library and had my 1st show. My Dad is a metal machinist and I asked him to fashion me 15 wrought iron easels for that 1st show and which I still use in my annual Montreal exhibits at 1507 Dr. Penfield. Since then I have regularly exhibited internationally, enjoyed being repped by great galleries and even owned a gallery in Mexico.

Recently I have delved into event work and specific projects. For example I speed paint events (especially musical events) and the pieces are then auctioned off right at the event. I set up team building events – guiding 30 people to generate a masterpiece. I even Visual DJ art events – creating live animation on site.

Woods in the Eastern Townships by KevinJ enne oil on TerraSkin
Woods in the Eastern Townships by Kevin Jenne oil on TerraSkin

what projects are you doing with TerraSkin?

One of my current personal projects is a painting a day on TerraSkin – which actually connects with my running! When I was a kid in the woods I would simply go left, go right as prompted intuitively. As adult when I run I do the same .I do not have a route and this has lead me to the discovery of some of Montreal’s Desire Paths. Over the years I have been obsessed with finding these Desire Paths -and I just have had to document them. These paths maintained by urbanites just going with their flow often involve short cuts through nature, connecting urban to nature seamlessly. Cities in Europe actually document these paths and adopt them into city planning considering the people have voted with their feet. So currently I paint these paths and I find the ease of putting up a sheet of stone paper is so fast plus the way oil moves on the paper is incredible .

Mont Royal Desire Path Kevin Jenne oil on terraskin
Mont Royal Desire Path Kevin Jenne oil on TerraSkin


What mediums (even brands you prefer) do you work with on the TerraSkin?

Recently I inherited a huge box of oil paints from a friend’s grandfather. I added linseed oil and instantly rediscovered the love of oil paint. It is funny, the old tubes are so delicate and a little fragile so if I squeeze a little too hard the back open ups and I get a big blob and I then I think -oh I got to paint with red now! So I have returned to my roots of landscapes and oils.

Desire Paths hidden paths in Montreal where urbanites cross paths with nature
Desire Paths unmarked passages in Montreal where urbanites cross paths with nature

What technical discoveries did you make or find using the paper? – both positive and negative. What solutions/adaptations did you discover to any road blocks?

Painting with oil is so interesting on the stone paper. The surface is not like canvas, it is a cross between canvas and metal. I always put Tri-Art black gesso both front and back of each sheet. This is a new material and I do find it sensitive to being marked by metals using gesso overcomes that road block and help in preservation.

It is nice that it stores flat or rolled – easier than stretcher bars. BTW I did a youtube on how stretch the rock paper over stretcher bars! The 28×40 size of sheet, is a really good size as far as clients are concerned.

 What is incredible with using oil paint on the rock paper is the lack of resistance, the oil slides on without the texture/drag of a canvas surface—- It just becomes a much freer experience, for me it is a much closer experience in creating the movement in the painting.

 lilacs hanging heavily over fences with 3 different coats of old paint peeling off, graffiti on the old brick, light is shimmering down and wow I have to document this-Kevin Jenne

“lilacs hanging heavily over fences with 3 different coats of old paint peeling off, graffiti on the old brick, light is shimmering down and wow I have to document this!”-Kevin Jenne


Often Artists go in with a set of well defined habits and find themselves opening up in a new direction After working with HeartStonePaper.

hmmm -Maybe that happened for me with the Terraskin paper too. I started with acrylics just painting on it but the waterproof aspect and speed of setting up for oil paint has taken me outdoors and back to landscapes!

Mont Royal lookout by Keven Jenne oil on TerraSkin
Mont Royal lookout by Kevin Jenne oil on TerraSkin

What are your thoughts going forward?

Oh this outdoor adventure is just beginning for me – look for me and my art exhibiting in public outdoor spaces soon. I am deep in research on the stone paper and the materials I am using — will keep you posted!

Want to get in touch with Kevin for one of his many talents?

Here you go -kevins contact info




Heart Stone paper lights ARC : DIY co-create music with RAC, BAIO and Oberhofer.

ARC:Audience Reactive Composition…? My stone paper comes into this grand scheme in a small way but perfect way. The slim vertical lights you can see in the photos below provide lighting ambiance and hold the surround sound speakers. According to Marcus Swagger of Gamma NYC Digital Fabrication Co.  ” your stone paper was only material that had just the perfect level of diffusion for these light standards! We had to use it!” After an international shipping frenzy through blizzard alerts that is just where the rock paper landed proudly beaming out white and colored light into the DIY music experience! Now to the ARC story!arc_lighting_terraskin-heart-stone-paper-SWSX-austin_texasWalking in to Deloitte Digital’s interactive installation at their SXSW “Interplay Lab,” one could be forgiven for thinking that they were in the control center of a spaceship on the set of a science fiction film. The Audience Reactive Composition (ARC) was a stark (in a good way), grand experiment (also in a good way) that allowed festival goers to experience and explore creativity through music in an entirely new way with 2016 Grammy-nominee André Anjos of RAC, Baio, and Oberhofer. It was intended to illustrate how human connection, creativity and technology will shape the future of interactive experiences.

BAIO-Heart-stone-paper-diffuser-terraskin-deloitte-arcCreated by renowned installation artists Dave & Gabe (who were nominated for a 2016 SXSW Music and Audio Innovation Award) with a system developed by artist/programmer Yotam Mann and visual design/light animations by Beau Burrows, five new instruments, unlike anything anyone has ever seen, create rhythm and melodies that react to how they’re being played and makes decisions on where to go next. Intrigued guests worked alongside the music artists to create the unique, electronic sounds.

The main goal of the installation was to allow people to think about creativity, technology and disruption in an entirely new way. read more -BY Doug Zanger of the Drum .


 the following excerpts are from the Dave and Gabe interview in the Deloitte Digital :

1. What is the ARC?

The ARC is an interactive music experience. It’s a collaboration with indie artist RAC. We worked with him to create a piece of music that could not only evolve and change, but also respond to an audience as they come in and play with 5 unique instruments.

2. How Did You Come Up with the Instruments for the ARC?

The instruments themselves came about based on the idea that we wanted to create something that doesn’t read like a traditional instrument. We wanted to make something that is familiar in terms of how you play with it. We asked ourselves, if you were to just walk up to it, would you intuitively know how to make it work?

Typically when you present a guitar or keyboard to people who don’t have a history of playing music, they feel that they don’t have permission to play that thing. They say, “I’m not very good at that,” or “I don’t know how to do that.”  We want the opposite. We want people who aren’t formally trained in music to be able to play along with this amazing artist.

As you start playing with these instruments in the ARC, you realize that you’re in control of that piece of music. With our piece, the music can go anywhere and react to however many people are playing the ARC. read more

3. Can you tell me a little bit about working with RAC?

Working with RAC is interesting because he’s both a musician and a remix artist.  He’s used to making his own music while also reinterpreting other people’s music. He curates this experience of thinking about how a song can be different. That’s what it takes to make a great interactive experience; it’s not just thinking, “This is the ultimate way that this song should be.” It’s about saying “Here are all the possibilities that a song can have.”

4. What is different about the ARC as an interactive media experience?

We’re used to touching screens and waving our hands in the air, but grabbing something, feeling it, and moving it is a different and unique design inspiration for the ARC instruments. Muscle memory and tactile feedback are human phenomena, and it’s silly that over the past 20 years we’ve divorced ourselves from this sensory experience.

Think about this – you can close your eyes, reach down, and with no visual input, you can still tie your shoes. It’s true that we are very visual as humans, but our muscle memory and tactile intelligence is incredibly powerful. The future of digital technology and interaction should speak to those physical properties.

As we move into the future, there is a growing community of people using microcontrollers, physical sensors, and programming with objects. The computer doesn’t end at the inputs of the keyboard and screen; it’s part of our environment, and that’s what it means to be digital in the future.


“It looks like pure technology,” said Alicia Hatch, Deloitte Digital’s CMO. “But it’s much deeper and really interesting once you dig in.”

As for the future of the ARC, it’s still a bit unclear, but Hatch mentioned that there may be a life for it far beyond SXSW. “It all starts here and we’ve actually had already a number of requests to make this an art installation. This is not about selling something, though. This is about celebrating a new kind of thinking and that’s really the value in it and that’s what we are about.”- excerpt by Doug Zanger of The Drum

hmmm heart stone paper just has so many lives!

Tips for Perfect Decisive Wall Painting – Rock Paper makes it easy

Paint your room the exact color you want the 1st time.

This post falls under extremely-useful-make-your-life-easier solutions using rock paper not the usual art or craft inspiration. I seldom throw out any that has the remotest chance of being re-purposed. I have several sheets of the stone paper TerraSkin™ that have a painting or sketch that has not worked …but still are waterproof and does not buckle under alot of paint.

Spring has Sprung! - DYI tips on how to decisively change your wall color to the one you actually want

Used sheets of stone paper make excellent VERY BIG tester sheets for when I am about to change wall color. The sample pots from the paint companies have really made this doable.The extra large barrier proof reusable sheets make it very easy to “see” the effect and tone of the color in the room. Instead of painting a whole room and then truly seeing how the different light of day&night /shadow&highlight/ artificial lights play out – You can see all that by using these movable sheets of wall color. Usually, I will try 2 or 3 sheets (each a slightly different tone or shade of the general direction I want to go in) and move them about to see what that color actually looks like in my northern light or at night under incandescent light, on each wall etc.


TIPS for fast decisive wall painting

  • buy 2 or 3 possible color choices in the little tester pots. (seeing the pigment in different lights can show that you may need a much warmer or cooler version of the color you want to end up with)
  • use 8pt, 10 pt (rigid), 12 pt (light cover stock) 14 pt (most rigid) 16pt (card stock) Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™ ( here you see half sheet 16pt used 20”x28”)
  • slop/brush each color onto the rock paper VERY thickly to give the effect 2 or 3 coats, let dry ( …or you could actually neatly paint 2-3 coats with appropriate drying time…but the waterproof, no buckling aspect doesn’t demand that)
  • hang with tape or push pins and then move around your testers over a few days and nights. The sheet size makes it easy to see how the whole wall would feel and how the color actually looks in your space.
  • Once the color is decided :ADD the SAME pigment at 50% to your primer (ask your paint mixer person to give you some extra for this purpose) this will really enhance wall color coverage and minimize additional coats=time.
  • Use Frog Tape – it really works. I will use it to create a faux straight line from a wall to molding. In 100 yr old plus apartments and houses there are seldom straight lines.
  • A sheet of the rock paper TerraSkin™ can be BOTH a drip sheet and mini roller tray for zippy molding and baseboard painting.



To reduce painting many coats of new color ask your paint supplier to give you a small amount of the same pigment in your color to ADD to your primer!


0803_paint-perfect-wall-color-rock-paper-test-sheets-heart-stone-pape_0395Painting window frames and baseboards is fast – just use a sheet of the rock paper TerraSkin™ as BOTH a drip sheet, mini roller tray and zip along

Spring has Sprung! - DYI tips on how to decisively change your wall color to the one you actually want

Another spring gardening tip is re-use scraps of  10-16 pt Terraskin to easily make plant markers . The paper is Cradle to Cradle Certified and works well in the garden.



I have reused these sheets for years, friends have used them too and they are fabulous for avoiding that disappointing moment of….hmmm not how I imagined it but I am stuck with it – too much work to do again! Now I paint all the walls just once and enjoy the fresh start!

Another BONUS – You have not painted a giant swatch on your wall that you must live until you actually have the time to paint!


Often you can find my rock paper painted Testers under plant pots in my home when they are not working as paint testers, after all they are waterproof!


Places to Connect & Journal ~ River Meditation.

snow and waterproof Rock Paper offer Journal-ease

Rich blue skies and white snow are exquisite parts of a northern winter. The quiet of the forest and the rivers edge gives space for a natural pause.













Rock Paper Boxes, Buckets and Boats:DIY last minute gifts.

boxes and Buckets of rock paper = Functional Origami !

Perfect for presenting gifts that need waterproof or food safe attributes. Last minute ease. (and FYI the recipe for the late night caramel popcorn is right at the bottom 🙂

Some distinct advantages to our heart stone paper boxes include:

  • grease proof & food safe (FDA approved), reusable containers
  • waterproof
  • accepts most mediums like paint, pigments, inks, markers,charcoal or leave elegantly natural white
  • cuts like butter and never suffer a paper cut!


What do you need?

1.your choice of 8pt ,12 pt (light cover stock) Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™ 28”x40” sheets

2.tape: both double sided and single sided if needed

3. sharp scissors or exacto knife to cut paper to squares


5. EASY how to fold video here

The square caramel popcorn bucket is based on a 14inch square of 8 pt Heart Stone Paper. I followed the amazing Leyla Torres  instructions . If you have not seen her site Origami Spirit and are a origami buff please check her out! She is creating very original ideas all the time and her instructions are clear and so relaxed! The box/bucket pattern I choose folds well in the large scale I wanted to work in. I cut 28inch &14inch squares to play with.


Using again a 14inch square for the orchid planter I discovered a folding tip :Just by altering the midpoint on the principal fold (you know when you are at this point with Leyla’s instructions) you can create a different shape plant box! ( if you fold above the center almost to the 2/3 point it results in a narrow and taller plant pot-like the orchid box)


These square buckets were folded to just a little bit above the midpoint, resulting in nice hearty square buckets. The rose bucket started with a 28 inch square and folded really well with both the 12pt rock paper (tough enough to be reusable) as well as the lighter 8 pt stone paper


Heart Stone Paper is waterproof rock paper. It allows you to put your paper bucket on the fabric furniture, however I secured the folds with tape just to be sure the bucket remained intact – no leaks that way 🙂


Then as always one thing leads to another…after my last post I found myself folding another rock paper boat, in this case not to float but instead I filled with it with rocks, a splash of water and have created a perfect humid bed for orchids to float over!


The orchid on the left was a “rescue orchid ” and thought lost but apparently it loves it new rock house boat home and has started sending out new flower shoots.

BTW here is the well used caramel popcorn recipe- my daughter had spotted it and pulled it from a magazine (precomputer days;) to make for Valentine gifts for her Dad and brother and many Valentine Days later it still is a perfect way to say- I love you!

0802_paper-crafts- heart stone paper boxes_0062




Rock Paper Boats that Float with Loving Awareness

The RAM knows how to float a rock paper boat with intention.


The Riverside Art Museum in California is a 60 year old institution with a straightforward mission statement…

The Riverside Art Museum strives to integrate art into the lives of people in a way that engages, inspires, and builds community by presenting thought-provoking exhibits and providing quality art classes that instill a lifelong love of the arts.

hmmmm engages, inspires, and builds community ! Perfect- so I was really keen to hear from Valerie Found and Caryn Marsella from RAM and their recent community project. BTW their genius multi boat launching system is so simple and effective!


Share a little background on the RAM – Float YOUR BOAT!

We collaborate with alot of other organizations and individuals in our community. Often when people have ideas they call us and we are really good at saying YES!

The project came to the museum via the City Commission on Aging. A citizen approached this commission (sadly he lost his wife to Alzheimer’s at 59)  asking if the city culture could be more aware, more friendly to Alzheimer and Dementia. An initiative from Knoxville, TN was discussed called The Purple City Alliance. (FYI In a Purple City, community members and organizations execute specific steps to learn about dementia and help those with dementia feel safer and better cared for in their community. The Purple Cities Alliance is a team of local volunteers, practitioners, and community leaders leading this initiative.

We were asked by the commission chairman Shari Fleischman if we would be interested in being involved in a community out reach project along this concept.

We said YES.

From this evolved the idea of people in our community touched by Alzheimer’s or Dementia to be welcomed in building rock paper boats to float and hold tealights and share in a candlelight moment on our lake’s edge, to acknowledge their loved ones and each other. Raising awareness to the public and getting to know each other by this beautiful gesture.

boats-that-float-heart-stone-paperThe boats were folded, painted ( purple of course to connect with Purple City Alliance) and made ready to launch by our community at large.

RAM-california-rock-paper-boat-float-heart-stoneWe made it part of the museum’s free community-wide Arts Walk event on Thursday night (We have anywhere from 600-800 people pass through our museum on these nights).

RAM-california-rock-paper-boat-float-heart-stone-paper People of all ages participated ,a women celebrating her 68th birthday, lots of college and high school students and even a boy scout troop!



decorating--boats-that-float-heart-stone-paper-RAMEveryone enjoyed participating in this hands-on arts activity, and it gave us an opportunity to promote dementia awareness and Saturday’s Boat Float event!


distinct  advantages to using our heart stone paper to make the boats include:

  • water resistant…oh, in boat form can hold a candle 🙂
  • grease proof
  • fold-able weights of 8 pt & 12 pt ( 12pt was super sturdy even if it a little stiff to work with)
  • accepts most mediums like paint, pigments, inks, markers,charcoal…
  • cuts like butter and never a paper cut to complain about!

What do you need?

1.your choice of 8pt, 12 pt (light cover stock) Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™

2. flat bottomed boat origami pattern here

3. sharp scissors or knife to cut 9×9 squares or larger

4.tealights (we took the metal casings off so they would not fall in the water)

5.water soluble acrylic, tempera and Jazz paint  (tempera paint that dries like glossy enamel – very effective under candlelight)

How did it go?

We wanted to let you know that the boats worked great! The paper worked really well for the project and we felt confident we would not have any issues with sinking boats.( and yes we tested in bathtubs and sinks 1st) All 200 boats floated beautifully.The Jazz paint had a spectacular effect out on the water -the boats glowed luminescent! The wax was easily contained by the boat too! Our intrepid crew were pleased with the ease of the launch.



Alzheimer-awareness-RAM-paper-Boats-that-float-heart-stone-paperWe did this on a lake in a park so it was easy to collect the boats by nets at the end.

Who joined into the launch ceremony?

It was a rich mix of people sensitive to the issues faced. Husbands, wives, grandchildren, people currently suffering from Alzheimer, even our Major -Rusty Bailey joined in.


riverside.california-art-museum-boats--that--floatNext year we plan for a 1000 boats.This time was 200 stone paper boats and it was spectacular. Maybe even save boats and date them to link the years together. Our thanks to Larissa Hahn for the beautiful photos!


This project fit well into our initiative to change the direction of our museum programming – we are interested more and more in being in the community both onsite and out! We want the rich benefits of art experienced way beyond the walls of the RAM. boats-that-float-heart-stone-paperAlso of note 🙂 as of November 10th Riverside has been declared part of the Purple City Alliance!





DIY Wedding Decor with HeartStonePaper -rock paper geometry

geometric Themed wedding – Stone dodecahedron

sooo Vanessa and Espen got married this summer! She plus her interior designer mom- Lynn, her creative sister – Bri and bridesmaid – Aileen had tons of fun when Vanessa decided on the idea of geometric wedding theme.

The design team used our custom designed rock paper to make elegant dodecahedrons to indicate the table numbers. Some distinct  advantages to our stone paper wedding decor include:

  • spill resistant
  • grease proof
  • weights of 10 pt & 14 pt especially rigid for building
  • accepts most mediums like paint, pigments, inks, markers,charcoal…oh, makes a excellent reusable stencil
  • cuts like butter and never a paper cut to complain about! FYI good for beautiful laser cuts too

What do you need?

1.your choice of 8pt, 10 pt (rigid) , 12 pt (light cover stock) 14 pt (most rigid) 16pt (card stock)Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™

2.tape: both double sided and single sided

3. sharp scissors

Heart Stone paper wedding decor DIY dodecahedron made from rock paper

Cutting out the dodecahedrons? No problem here is a link for a dodecahedrons template that includes many other cool shapes. Lynn printed the pattern on the large OCE printer (a large format printer) in many test sizes until they had the size they wanted. Good tip!- they cut a slit in the each one to allow the tape to adhere and hold the shape well and cut out a few sheets at once by hand, folded and taped. Use both double sided tape and one sided tapeheart stone paper DIY good tip for paper-cut-geometric-shape-wedding-decor



When asked for their thoughts on why choose the stone paper for this project ?

Answer-  “it’s body and how it was to work with. Lovely – so smooth to cut and it’s weight retained the folds well.”-Lynn

BTW Check out Paper Weddings Pinterest for geometric jumping off points also a link from Ruffled Wedding Blog that inspired Vanessa’s paper dodecahedron


Here is more DIY wedding decor and paper inspiration from this geometric soiree!

The invite, the seating chart and the evenings events card her sister Bri made happen. For the seating chart- they purchased a pre matted canvas because it would stand well on its own, Bri painted it in shades of gold, designed the layout, which Vanessa had professionally printed on clear adhesive film. Lynn cut out the geometric shapes by hand and adhered them to the canvas in the heart pattern.




And yes the inspiring geometry of the Winnipeg Art Gallery was clearly seen by their delightful photographer Kat Willson. 


FYI about the art…Wanda Koop’s new suite of paintings titled: VIEW from HERE. Koop is one of Canada’s important and inventive contemporary artists.




The florist, Britney Fache  was completely on board too with sweet geometric elegance in her floral designs.





A fresh wedding full of love,laughter and dancing! Let me know what you are doing for your paper wedding ideas!



Stone Paper Multimedia Art on TerraSkin with L’OR

I heart stone paper – exploring the art, paper goods, DIY projects made from stones and rocks!

Multimedia art is L’OR’s specialty – that and fearlessness. She will try any combination and follow that through with thoughtful insight and awareness.

A little Background

Born in 1960 in Montreal, L’OR studied art and graphic design studies at Concordia University and then went on to perfect portrait and life drawing. Winner of 14 awards in her career she has exhibited in New York, Chicago, France and the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Stone Paper Multimedia Art on TerraSkin with L'OR

Initial reaction to Stone paper TerraSkin™

TerraSkin™ is a paper that I discovered by testing for the art supply store for which I work Omer De Serres . New to the market a few years ago , I was impressed by its versatility and have recommended it for all to enjoy. Since I experiment with all kinds of techniques and mediums the TerraSkin™ offers many opportunities for image creators of all kinds.

Tell us about your technical discoveries along the way

The stone paper Terraskin™ allowed me to explore mixed media and bring a fresh  new look to it. It adapts to all mediums and you have to play with all of them if you really want to appreciate the flexibility of TerraSkin™ rock paper. I plan to put the results of my research in a book I am writing and I would like to publish soon. So watch out for that. But here are a few tips now!

Because it is made of stone you can’t expect this paper to react to watercolor as Arches paper, handmade paper or Fabriano would react to watercolor technique. Terraskin™ does not absorb water therefore you obtain a unique diffusion of color compared with a regular watercolor paper. Many artists prefer this unique aspect as the pigments dry into the rich tooth of TerraSkin™ causing subtle gradations. You also could put coats of Absorbent Ground from Golden. You need to experiment with the thickness of the coats, allowing it to dry and then play with your watercolors. There will be a similar effect as the one done on Arches paper.

As well Arabic gum by Windsor &Newton or Mat medium of Liquitex or Golden or a fluid medium made by Golden can also be used for non-porous surfaces. Do the same when working with ink.

I put many layers of different mediums like  oil stick , oil pastel , dry pastel , acrylic , inks , watercolors , ink pen , charcoal and graphite . Keep in mind that you may have to use a fixative to block some parts of your work before you continue, to make sure it’s stays there and absorbs subsequent layers .Terraskin is a stone made paper, mediums take time to dry. To fix colors or pencils of any kind and pastels, use the Krylon fixative (Fine Art Fixative) they are all archival, the new series of these are great, visit Krylon web site . When working with inks, use Preserve-It by Krylon to make sure that the pigments would remain stable over time.Lascaux Fixative -This acrylic fixative is as clear as water, extremely lightfast, resistant to aging and non-matte.  Use it as a final varnish.  Lascaux seals without aging and forms a lightfast, invisible scratchproof seal.

Another solution is front-mounted with Plexi, the way that photographs often are -UV Acrylic (Plexi-glass) filters out 98% UV.

L'OR, Free fall, 25' x 35' , Technique mixte on Terraskin paper

going forward – what news?

I will present in the autumn an exhibition in which there will be works on Terraskin™ .

FYI! I offer upon request training workshops on TerraSkin for artists wishing to discover this new paper. They are fun and lively! Please Contact me by email;

Stone Paper and Multimedia art Workshops

et voila en francais :  FYI this is french -a video demo of mixed media on TerraSkin™







DIY rock paper Tutorial stencils, acrylic washes, glazes, image transfer on TerraSkin by Melanie Matthews

Melanie Matthews is a happening Montreal artist who is also great at teaching and sharing inspiration! Here is what you need to get started on DIY image transfer stencil paintings. Rock paper cuts likes butter so stencils are sooo easy!

TerraSkin® – Paper made from stone/rock use almost any weight from 10 pt up

Golden Artist Colors
– Fluid Matte Medium
– Fluorescent Heavy Body Acrylic Colors
— Orange/Yellow
– High Flow Acrylics
— Quinacridone Magenta
– Fluid Acrylics
— Manganese Blue Hue

Step #1
Prepare Colors: Make a color wash with a pump spray bottle and Golden High Flow Colors, straight from the bottle or diluted with water.

Step #2
Background color and design: compose with stencils arranging them as you like, spray colors holding bottles  approximately 12-16 inches from the paper surface, allow to dry.

Step #3
Immediate image transfer: brush Golden Fluid Matte Medium generously and evenly over the surface apply photocopy image side down use pressure (I used a Bondo applicator)to marry the two surfaces together remove and bumps or buckles that may arise then wait 1-3 minutes until the transfer process is complete, remove paper by lifting corners and pulling it away from the TerraSkin.

Step # 4
Clean off remaining paper with damp microfibres cloth until surface is smooth and free of paper.

Step # 5
Apply a Glaze: mix 1/3 of paint your choice of color either Heavy Body or Fluid Acrylic with 2/3 of Fluid Matte Medium, apply a thin coat with a brush or spatula in desired areas of your painting

Part 2


Part 2 ( featuring hand cut stencils from TerraSkin)

” I included the stenciling technique in my workshop The Artist Book at the Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal June 6 & 7
Really great outcomes, and a ton of fun, the TerraSkin is super easy to cut, creating organic shapes is a snap.”  – Melanie

Rock paper cuts like butter and is satisfyingly reusable as a stencil.

Stencils & Acrylic Washes Tutorial on TerraSkin

Multimedia Art Projects with Rock Paper

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