DIY heart-stone-paper #11 Stoneflakes,Papercuts, Indoor and Outdoor Holiday decor even stone flake ballerinas

Properties/Characteristics Demo-ed
4,8 pt TerraSkin® rockpaper -water/tear resistant, lazer cutting, no paper cuts – ever:) outdoor decor, ANY OCCASION spill proof table decor. Paper supplied by
FYI :stone paper or mineral paper is produced without trees, bleach or water.
I am using Cradle to Cradle certified stone paper.For the past 7 years I have been testing and experimenting and enjoying rock paper.The blog is a mix of wonderful artists and their discoveries/work on this innovative acid free stone paper mixed in with DIY projects .
The paper has interesting properties that just lead me in new ways!
DIY StoneFlakes for Indoors & Outdoors

I wanted to benefit from the water and tear resistant properties of my stone paper. I created files in Illustrator and supplied them to Luke at Umake to laser cut my stoneflakes. Luke stacked 2 sheets and cut the 4pt and 8pt in one cut.
Handcut stoneflakes are shown further down – the stone paper cuts like butter!
I decided on 3 sizes of flakes and 3 levels of intricacy. I wanted to hang without strings and thread so designed them quite lacey to allow the branches to poke through to support them.

Very charming on the trees by the door, even the mailman appreciated them!

stoneflakes by lea
Indoors:The spill resistant properties work great for creating table decor and I imagine you could do rock papercuts for anything from holidays to weddings. My guests loved playing with them 🙂
Also they will easily be gathered up, stored in an envelope and  reappear next year!

spill proof stoneflakes

Back to the Outdoors: After several weeks of alternating rain and snow these little stoneflakes are still crisp and so charming!
By spring if left outside they will have degraded back to stone dust leaving no trace.

StoneFlakes by lea
Hand Cut Ballerina Stoneflakes

I will be adding to  my dancing snowflake ballerinas over the next few days, experimenting with just how complex I can cut. Will add them here as I go.

Using the rock paper was fun because of the huge resilience of the stock soooo tear resistant plus cuts smooth( no grain or fiber), almost effortlessly. Also enjoyed the zero threat of a paper cut.

The links below are to help anyone else interested in playing!

instructions and templates for the ballerinas from Tanya Ahmed and krokotak

 how to make six pointed snowflakes

ballerina handcut stoneflakes

happy holidays to all!
best ,

Dec.6, 2013 :I am back with a few more skirts for these lovely dancers!
The stone paper was so tear resistant and resilient.I could twist the paper without any tears to angle the scissors and hole punch into position. I can definitely cut closer and more intricate. hmmmm will be back!

Stoneflake Ballerinas

stone flake ballerina

anonymous holiday decorators
I shared lots of the stoneflakes and apparently now they are popping up, someone spotted these on McGill Campus.

P.S.:an inspiration book of photographs of real snowflakes

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  1. Thanks! degradable when left outside with both ultraviolet and humidity- i.e snow and sun- they will be gone by spring!

  2. thx Ann!

    yes a good match -the project with materiel -because of the tear resistance the stoneflakes do not even need a hanger or thread but can just be pushed on to the branches and they stay in place!

    so fun

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