DIY Wedding Decor with HeartStonePaper -rock paper geometry

Paper DIY Wedding Decor

geometric Themed wedding – Stone dodecahedron

sooo Vanessa and Espen got married this summer! She plus her interior designer mom- Lynn, her creative sister – Bri and bridesmaid – Aileen had tons of fun when Vanessa decided on the idea of geometric wedding theme.

The design team used our custom designed rock paper to make elegant dodecahedrons to indicate the table numbers. Some distinct  advantages to our stone paper wedding decor include:

  • spill resistant
  • grease proof
  • weights of 10 pt & 14 pt especially rigid for building
  • accepts most mediums like paint, pigments, inks, markers,charcoal…oh, makes a excellent reusable stencil
  • cuts like butter and never a paper cut to complain about! FYI good for beautiful laser cuts too

What do you need?

1.your choice of 8pt, 10 pt (rigid) , 12 pt (light cover stock) 14 pt (most rigid) 16pt (card stock)Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™

2.tape: both double sided and single sided

3. sharp scissors

Heart Stone paper wedding decor DIY dodecahedron made from rock paper

Cutting out the dodecahedrons? No problem here is a link for a dodecahedrons template that includes many other cool shapes. Lynn printed the pattern on the large OCE printer (a large format printer) in many test sizes until they had the size they wanted. Good tip!- they cut a slit in the each one to allow the tape to adhere and hold the shape well and cut out a few sheets at once by hand, folded and taped. Use both double sided tape and one sided tapeheart stone paper DIY good tip for paper-cut-geometric-shape-wedding-decor



When asked for their thoughts on why choose the stone paper for this project ?

Answer-  “it’s body and how it was to work with. Lovely – so smooth to cut and it’s weight retained the folds well.”-Lynn

BTW Check out Paper Weddings Pinterest for geometric jumping off points also a link from Ruffled Wedding Blog that inspired Vanessa’s paper dodecahedron


Here is more DIY wedding decor and paper inspiration from this geometric soiree!

The invite, the seating chart and the evenings events card her sister Bri made happen. For the seating chart- they purchased a pre matted canvas because it would stand well on its own, Bri painted it in shades of gold, designed the layout, which Vanessa had professionally printed on clear adhesive film. Lynn cut out the geometric shapes by hand and adhered them to the canvas in the heart pattern.




And yes the inspiring geometry of the Winnipeg Art Gallery was clearly seen by their delightful photographer Kat Willson. 


FYI about the art…Wanda Koop’s new suite of paintings titled: VIEW from HERE. Koop is one of Canada’s important and inventive contemporary artists.




The florist, Britney Fache  was completely on board too with sweet geometric elegance in her floral designs.





A fresh wedding full of love,laughter and dancing! Let me know what you are doing for your paper wedding ideas!



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