Rock Paper Boxes, Buckets and Boats:DIY last minute gifts.

boxes and Buckets of rock paper = Functional Origami !

Perfect for presenting gifts that need waterproof or food safe attributes. Last minute ease. (and FYI the recipe for the late night caramel popcorn is right at the bottom 🙂

Some distinct advantages to our heart stone paper boxes include:

  • grease proof & food safe (FDA approved), reusable containers
  • waterproof
  • accepts most mediums like paint, pigments, inks, markers,charcoal or leave elegantly natural white
  • cuts like butter and never suffer a paper cut!


What do you need?

1.your choice of 8pt ,12 pt (light cover stock) Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™ 28”x40” sheets

2.tape: both double sided and single sided if needed

3. sharp scissors or exacto knife to cut paper to squares


5. EASY how to fold video here

The square caramel popcorn bucket is based on a 14inch square of 8 pt Heart Stone Paper. I followed the amazing Leyla Torres  instructions . If you have not seen her site Origami Spirit and are a origami buff please check her out! She is creating very original ideas all the time and her instructions are clear and so relaxed! The box/bucket pattern I choose folds well in the large scale I wanted to work in. I cut 28inch &14inch squares to play with.


Using again a 14inch square for the orchid planter I discovered a folding tip :Just by altering the midpoint on the principal fold (you know when you are at this point with Leyla’s instructions) you can create a different shape plant box! ( if you fold above the center almost to the 2/3 point it results in a narrow and taller plant pot-like the orchid box)


These square buckets were folded to just a little bit above the midpoint, resulting in nice hearty square buckets. The rose bucket started with a 28 inch square and folded really well with both the 12pt rock paper (tough enough to be reusable) as well as the lighter 8 pt stone paper


Heart Stone Paper is waterproof rock paper. It allows you to put your paper bucket on the fabric furniture, however I secured the folds with tape just to be sure the bucket remained intact – no leaks that way 🙂


Then as always one thing leads to another…after my last post I found myself folding another rock paper boat, in this case not to float but instead I filled with it with rocks, a splash of water and have created a perfect humid bed for orchids to float over!


The orchid on the left was a “rescue orchid ” and thought lost but apparently it loves it new rock house boat home and has started sending out new flower shoots.

BTW here is the well used caramel popcorn recipe- my daughter had spotted it and pulled it from a magazine (precomputer days;) to make for Valentine gifts for her Dad and brother and many Valentine Days later it still is a perfect way to say- I love you!

0802_paper-crafts- heart stone paper boxes_0062




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