Stone Paper Multimedia Art on TerraSkin with L’OR

Stone Paper Multimedia Art on TerraSkin with L'OR

I heart stone paper – exploring the art, paper goods, DIY projects made from stones and rocks!

Multimedia art is L’OR’s specialty – that and fearlessness. She will try any combination and follow that through with thoughtful insight and awareness.

A little Background

Born in 1960 in Montreal, L’OR studied art and graphic design studies at Concordia University and then went on to perfect portrait and life drawing. Winner of 14 awards in her career she has exhibited in New York, Chicago, France and the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Stone Paper Multimedia Art on TerraSkin with L'OR

Initial reaction to Stone paper TerraSkin™

TerraSkin™ is a paper that I discovered by testing for the art supply store for which I work Omer De Serres . New to the market a few years ago , I was impressed by its versatility and have recommended it for all to enjoy. Since I experiment with all kinds of techniques and mediums the TerraSkin™ offers many opportunities for image creators of all kinds.

Tell us about your technical discoveries along the way

The stone paper Terraskin™ allowed me to explore mixed media and bring a fresh  new look to it. It adapts to all mediums and you have to play with all of them if you really want to appreciate the flexibility of TerraSkin™ rock paper. I plan to put the results of my research in a book I am writing and I would like to publish soon. So watch out for that. But here are a few tips now!

Because it is made of stone you can’t expect this paper to react to watercolor as Arches paper, handmade paper or Fabriano would react to watercolor technique. Terraskin™ does not absorb water therefore you obtain a unique diffusion of color compared with a regular watercolor paper. Many artists prefer this unique aspect as the pigments dry into the rich tooth of TerraSkin™ causing subtle gradations. You also could put coats of Absorbent Ground from Golden. You need to experiment with the thickness of the coats, allowing it to dry and then play with your watercolors. There will be a similar effect as the one done on Arches paper.

As well Arabic gum by Windsor &Newton or Mat medium of Liquitex or Golden or a fluid medium made by Golden can also be used for non-porous surfaces. Do the same when working with ink.

I put many layers of different mediums like  oil stick , oil pastel , dry pastel , acrylic , inks , watercolors , ink pen , charcoal and graphite . Keep in mind that you may have to use a fixative to block some parts of your work before you continue, to make sure it’s stays there and absorbs subsequent layers .Terraskin is a stone made paper, mediums take time to dry. To fix colors or pencils of any kind and pastels, use the Krylon fixative (Fine Art Fixative) they are all archival, the new series of these are great, visit Krylon web site . When working with inks, use Preserve-It by Krylon to make sure that the pigments would remain stable over time.Lascaux Fixative -This acrylic fixative is as clear as water, extremely lightfast, resistant to aging and non-matte.  Use it as a final varnish.  Lascaux seals without aging and forms a lightfast, invisible scratchproof seal.

Another solution is front-mounted with Plexi, the way that photographs often are -UV Acrylic (Plexi-glass) filters out 98% UV.

L'OR, Free fall, 25' x 35' , Technique mixte on Terraskin paper

going forward – what news?

I will present in the autumn an exhibition in which there will be works on Terraskin™ .

FYI! I offer upon request training workshops on TerraSkin for artists wishing to discover this new paper. They are fun and lively! Please Contact me by email;

Stone Paper and Multimedia art Workshops

et voila en francais :  FYI this is french -a video demo of mixed media on TerraSkin™







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