Tips for Perfect Decisive Wall Painting – Rock Paper makes it easy

Paint your room the exact color you want the 1st time.

This post falls under extremely-useful-make-your-life-easier solutions using rock paper not the usual art or craft inspiration. I seldom throw out any that has the remotest chance of being re-purposed. I have several sheets of the stone paper TerraSkin™ that have a painting or sketch that has not worked …but still are waterproof and does not buckle under alot of paint.

Spring has Sprung! - DYI tips on how to decisively change your wall color to the one you actually want

Used sheets of stone paper make excellent VERY BIG tester sheets for when I am about to change wall color. The sample pots from the paint companies have really made this doable.The extra large barrier proof reusable sheets make it very easy to “see” the effect and tone of the color in the room. Instead of painting a whole room and then truly seeing how the different light of day&night /shadow&highlight/ artificial lights play out – You can see all that by using these movable sheets of wall color. Usually, I will try 2 or 3 sheets (each a slightly different tone or shade of the general direction I want to go in) and move them about to see what that color actually looks like in my northern light or at night under incandescent light, on each wall etc.


TIPS for fast decisive wall painting

  • buy 2 or 3 possible color choices in the little tester pots. (seeing the pigment in different lights can show that you may need a much warmer or cooler version of the color you want to end up with)
  • use 8pt, 10 pt (rigid), 12 pt (light cover stock) 14 pt (most rigid) 16pt (card stock) Heart Stone Paper TerraSkin™ ( here you see half sheet 16pt used 20”x28”)
  • slop/brush each color onto the rock paper VERY thickly to give the effect 2 or 3 coats, let dry ( …or you could actually neatly paint 2-3 coats with appropriate drying time…but the waterproof, no buckling aspect doesn’t demand that)
  • hang with tape or push pins and then move around your testers over a few days and nights. The sheet size makes it easy to see how the whole wall would feel and how the color actually looks in your space.
  • Once the color is decided :ADD the SAME pigment at 50% to your primer (ask your paint mixer person to give you some extra for this purpose) this will really enhance wall color coverage and minimize additional coats=time.
  • Use Frog Tape – it really works. I will use it to create a faux straight line from a wall to molding. In 100 yr old plus apartments and houses there are seldom straight lines.
  • A sheet of the rock paper TerraSkin™ can be BOTH a drip sheet and mini roller tray for zippy molding and baseboard painting.



To reduce painting many coats of new color ask your paint supplier to give you a small amount of the same pigment in your color to ADD to your primer!


0803_paint-perfect-wall-color-rock-paper-test-sheets-heart-stone-pape_0395Painting window frames and baseboards is fast – just use a sheet of the rock paper TerraSkin™ as BOTH a drip sheet, mini roller tray and zip along

Spring has Sprung! - DYI tips on how to decisively change your wall color to the one you actually want

Another spring gardening tip is re-use scraps of  10-16 pt Terraskin to easily make plant markers . The paper is Cradle to Cradle Certified and works well in the garden.



I have reused these sheets for years, friends have used them too and they are fabulous for avoiding that disappointing moment of….hmmm not how I imagined it but I am stuck with it – too much work to do again! Now I paint all the walls just once and enjoy the fresh start!

Another BONUS – You have not painted a giant swatch on your wall that you must live until you actually have the time to paint!


Often you can find my rock paper painted Testers under plant pots in my home when they are not working as paint testers, after all they are waterproof!


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